By B.K.
Date: 2010 Jul 07
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Testing My Rusty Songwriting

We were bending our everloving minds
Trying to wrap pretty words with rhyme
Shuffling cards and twisting fingers too
Sitting listlessly in the Loveless Café
Trying to cough up a hot hit tune

Well it was getting pretty late
People around us were celebrating
We managed to get in a laugh or two
You smiled at me and I fell for you

Suddenly the jukebox started playing
A bluesy smooth Clapton tune
You stretched out your arms
We magnetically moved
Like Ginger and Fred right on cue

I said ok.. so here’s the chorus
I'll follow
You can lead
But let’s not finish this too soon

Then fingers entwined
Your legs wrapped continuously around mine
Moving nice and slow
Baby this is how MY story goes
A dance on into infinity
For Cool Hand Luke
And all the songwriting
Take A Chance Ladies Like Me


Strangely enough...Listening to JJ Cale tonight put me into a different style of writing.  I've already shown you the hibiscus so I'm changing the snap to my rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan) which are just now beginning to open.