By B.K.
Date: 2010 Jul 17
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(Rewind Replay)

artist concept of exoplanet HD 209458b

(Rewind Replay)

I was plugged into twilight
Winding through bully back roads
Waving a free form rebellious mind
Like a pirate ship flag in a stormy sky

Panoramic stick lightning infinity to ground
All flash no sound I had the windows down
There it was at the western end of the sky
The ultimate jaw dropping end of show sight

So grand in all it’s symmetry
This completely round smoldering orbitry
Hanging solo in the western sky
We were in the same place you and I

My eyes dropped in reverie at
Mother Natures leveling appeal
It was a twilight Mandarin orange delight
With a panoramic storm lit sky

As dramatic as any cinematic telescopery
My mind blitzed at the camera scene robbery
Leaving me frantic in stranded dark traces
On the wrong side of the romantic tracks
 (of all places)

With thoughts in reverse my memory rewound
 I was watching love walk into that sunset sound
All that was left as that brilliance faded westbound
Was my wandering heart on dark storm soaked ground


This picture is not what I saw in the twilight sky. It was a sunset surrounded by an intense lightning storm and one of the most amazing phenomena I have ever seen Do check out the NASA news about what is happening in our atmosphere and space. It's enlightening to say the least.