By B.K.
Date: 2010 Aug 16
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Kiss Me Sugar Lips!


I have a whole side yard of these Black Eyed Susan (rudbeckia) They are my golden end of summer and I look forward to their blooms. Ok so you would think they would all be just alike but when you look close they are all similar yet ever so slightly different. Mother Nature does her stuff with flowers and I love the details.

Kiss Me Sugar Lips!

My mother used to say
Stop making that face
If you keep it up
It might stick that way
I didn't believe her
But now that I’m grown
There’s only one place
I’d want to stick my face
And that’s to the groovy goo
That's sticking My Darlin to those hot lips on you.... Mmm

©bk8/16/2010(hot hot hot)

We have a kissing poetry challenge at the loveblender started by me!