By B.K.
Date: 2010 Sep 04
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As a child I picked all the neighbors prettiest flowers...This is something I was told and have no recollection of...but as they say confession is good for the soul haa.

I remember my grandmother’s buttercups growing in circles all the way down both sides of the driveway. They signaled spring every year.

There was a green apple tree in the back yard that I spent many magic moments in eating apples every summer.

Playing cowboys and American Indians.. I was the Indian that always got tied up.

We made mud pies and decorated them with leaves and seeds and mimosa flowers
then fed them to our sisters. (She lived to tell about eating them.)

I remember jumping off the garage roof thinking I could fly.

I got a medal from the Governor at age ten for being the
fastest ten year old to run the 60 yard dash in the state of TN.

My first boyfriend at the age of five took me on a great adventure down the back
alleyway one day. He had a hammer and a bullet. I was smart enough to know that he might kill us both... so I ran home. I think he only shot himself and a trash can...haaa He moved away thank heaven.

I remember a televangelist on tv telling you to put your hands on the screen and that he would heal you. I had a cold so I did...only I forgot to send my money first. It was a great lesson...haaa

My first hi-fi record player and I got a Fabian album and Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii....I still have them both but I do realize now that Fabian could never sing a note. hahahahaha.

My first grade teacher brought a xmas tree to our class that had ornaments she had collected from all over the world. It amazed me as it twirled and had a music box from Germany. She started my vast collection of xmas.  Ms. Youman was my favorite teacher. A whole new world opened for me in her first and second grade classroom.