By B.K.
Date: 2011 May 17
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Full Moon Brain Drain

Full Moon Brain Drain

It’s a wired in sparkler way outta control
Till I found the fuse that started it all
Though you keep pushing and prodding to no avail
Inwardly grimacing I’m sitting here thinking hell’s bells
If this is what’s what with that chemical thang
Then it’s easy to stop this scratch and itch twang
Turn off the juice is what I’ll have to try to do
But it still wouldn’t stop the beast in you

Baby if my toes were turned up and I was almost blue
There’s nothing that could stop the beast in you
If it were Friday the 13th with an axe in hand
There would be blood all around but you'd still be my man

It must be too much fun to write about
Otherwise I’d go out fly fishing for trout

Cause this has lasted to long to be just a fling
I know I’m a bit ditzy n you’re just too durn mean
So we make an odd couple you know tis true
It’s beyond the believable just an alien stew
Still you make me so mad with your wicked grin
I wanna Moe hammer smack you again and again

Yet if my eyes were wide open and I was almost blue
There’s nothing could stop the beast in you
If it was a full moon Tuesday stake and cross in hand
Would you be the vampire fangs crossing my bedroom floor or just my man

Full moon Tuesday /bk2011
Just for fun