By B.K.
Date: 2011 Jun 11
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Oh My Is That Ever Right!

Give Me Strength

In this juncture
Of time and space
When the world opens up
Looking like it just might
Want to swallow you
Like a mermaid
At a Jaws convention
You need the shelter of arms
A side by side strength
That you trust like an Eagle
That flies free in an American sky
An instinct you would follow
Without ever blinking twice
A force of mind designed like
A Frank Loyd Wright house
Angled inside of your head.
That sense of love
 That makes your heart race
Faster than an Indy race car
Just watching it walk across the floor
Keeps you wondering just what Houdini
Magic you just might want to create next
Then when thoughts interlock
You know the interlude so well
That when your bodies tangle
Into fortunes sensual wheel
You stretch the art of glow
So slow that sparks take off
Like shooting stars on a mission
Exploding into a kiss of Tantric light

Oh my is that ever right

©bk in the hottest June ever