By B.K.
Date: 2011 Aug 07
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Watercolor Sky

In my watercolor sky
With the sun bravely peeking thru
It gets brazen and starts to burn
I get mad and say it's brain-dead
Stop burning me you idiot
So then it clouds up
Sends bolts of lightning
Directed at my head
Then rains... and rains
Stop crying you crybaby
It forgets how to stop
Tries to wash me away
Then repeats the process
Peeking out at me again
So this time I call it a genius
wink wink
And genius is what I love
I love you my watercolor sky
I guess the moral of this poem
Is to never be so silly to
A World Class Bully
Just ask it to
Please play pretty

 on another hot rock and roll sky day!