By B.K.
Date: 2012 May 06
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Waiting On The Moon!


Storm clouds stalk the sky
Searching for a parade to rain on
While the sun hangs on to the last seconds
Sending rays of heat to push back
Its time to take a bow and leave
And so it is with you and I
Storms and heat
Mad at the world and one another
Kathy and Heathcliff
Riding the moors
Impatiently waiting
Looking for the right spot
To beat the odds and leap
Right over that wicked full moon
Back into the love
That will never let them go


Ok so I went out tonight to see if I could photograph that gigantic full moon. It was cloudy and I did not get a shot of it due to my own impatience. But I did get the sunset which was lovely and got some shopping done while I was waiting on that moon to rise.