By B.K.
Date: 2012 Jun 10
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Crown and Sword


I"ll let you try on my tiara
But I’d be clumsy with your sword
If you don’t talk to much
I promise I won’t be bored
I can feel your heart beat
I know when you’re turned on
I can hear your whispers
And can tell when your annoyed
I even know when there’s a tear in your eye
You aren’t the type of man to cry
We’re opposites in every way
Yet we’re connected every day
I’ve know all this from the start
And I’ve stopped fighting you today
It doesn’t mean you win
It just puts us back up in the stars
Where we belong again
I’ll say it’s never ending
You’ll say you win
I’ll take back my tiara
And trip over your sword again.

bk’s curtsey to the stars day

©bk June/10/2012