By B.K.
Date: 2012 Jun 11
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Whistling Dixie Therapy!


There was a sense of danger about you
It pointed to the post it note
Stuck to your forehead
(it said)
You’d better nibble the edges first
Before you did what I did
Which was to bite fast
Then look aghast at the moby dick that I bit into
Good Lord what have I done
That was how many years ago now
Good God Dali Surreal!
(my idea of a good curse)
Here I am still spitting fish oil
And trying to get the hook out of my teeth
You’d think I’d have found out how to crack this shell
Or that one of us would have gotten bored
And blown this whale hole
We’re either both quite likely crazy
Or Mayday Mayday .... somewhere back there aliens landed
And now... neither one of us has any control

(Kiss me Fish Lips I’m Thirsty!)