By B.K.
Date: 2012 Jun 13
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~Don't Tread on Me!~

~Don’t Tread on Me~

There is so much hate and evil today
So much hurt and pain
This quite opposite of love
Gives love a broken name
When we can’t defend
The ones that we depend on
There is no pretending
It’s a very sad ending
And when you would use love
To hurt another soul
That hatred within
Has eaten you whole
And when  you would abuse
The power you should use
A mark of warning
Should be tattooed on you
Your face your head
Your door your bed
Let everyone know
That with and within
There’s not a ghost that goes boo
But a ghastly messed up head
Which holds a black hole of Dread
That will indeed hurt and tread on you


"And That’s The Way It Is!"

Where is Walter Cronkite When You Need Him

I've decided I've been reading and watching the news too much lately. It's making me crazy and I should be writing wonderful things and taking more pictures. Digging in the flower beds and taking care of my dwelling.  Here are the latest snaps of my petunias...Just look into their eyes...AMAZING! They have their own glow and each one is different.