By B.K.
Date: 2012 Jun 24
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True Love Eye Test Chart


True Love Eye Test Chart

When you reach a certain age
The realizations surface fast
You want your latest smile
To please Lord not be your last
That what you put in your mouth
Is sound nutrition first class
That your chartreuse dress
Match your polka dotted socks
And that the love you hold
Passes the test (gun unlocked)
Two legs and ten non grabby fingertips
Two ears with two brightly lit eye slits
Knobby knees and two luscious lips
And that his wavy gravy brain
Is sound and not a wrong way
Fracking politically high octane mess

©bk June/2012

My neighbor Mary's family took her yesterday to assisted living. She is eighty eight years old and has been very spry and well able to take care of herself until recently. She has amazing grandchildren that love her dearly. That will take great care of her. I will miss her so much. Whenever I locked myself out she was there for me to chat with until someone showed up. Mary was a director of a city park and she went to a White House dinner once. She played Scrabble in competition around the country and now only plays with her friend who is ninety four online. I will be going to visit the assisted living place to make sure they take good care of this treasure!