By B.K.
Date: 2012 Jun 27
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Traitors Gate


Turn it Around and You’ll Have it Straight

You are my Achilles heel
I am your pie in the sky
There is nothing I can do
About this love I have for you
Your wooden head and all
It must have been from getting hit
With all those anvils
Life keeps throwing at you
You keep throwing em back
Hitting the wrong target
You have forgotten how to roll with it
And lately you have the sensitivity
Of a cro magnon troll
Look me in the eye and
I’ll give it back to you straight
Upside your square block head
And don’t talk to me of dying
People like you don’t die
They morf into big black birds
And with one last wicked grin FLY
The other day I saw you sitting over Lowes
Cawing about time and the sky
So why not come on  back down to earth
Try being just a half way nice regular guy