By B.K.
Date: 2012 Jun 28
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Too Damn Hot!


Archery Lessons Anyone

If loving you were an allergy
My head and other body parts
Would by now have blown off
If kissing you caused a flood
Then all of North America would
Be living knee deep
In houses of trees
If this desire for you was a fire
The core of the sun
Would not be hot enough
To measure
Contain or put it out
Darlin One
If love were an apple
Sitting on your hairy head
And I had to shoot it off
You’d best be wearing a full suit of armor
Cause I’m a lefty slight dyslexy
I’d probably shoot you
Right between your hairy eyebrows
Or make your inny belly button an outty
Maybe reassemble your lower body parts into hearts
Love with you after all this time...still
Decidedly dead aim too damn dangerously hot

©bk June2012