By B.K.
Date: 2012 Aug 04
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Your Momma Forgot To Tell You?

Your Mamma Forgot To Tell You?

That if you damage a woman
By word deed or space invasion
You may as well dig a deep hole
Crawl in...Place a rock on your thick head
Then pray to God that you take root
And somehow grow back into her heart
You’d better be the best
Comedian in the world
Better than
Garrison Keillor
 Jerry Seinfeld
 Chris Rock
 Danny Devito
The greatest wit you can create
Make her laugh so hard
She forgets the ugly bug rest
You can try flowers candy jewelry
Vacations on Maui or Paris France
Otherwise stay in the hole
Let the worms do their slimy best
 One last get out of that black hole ticket..
For your selfish hairy Buffalo hyde
That after she pitches
That hissy fit
That she somehow
Just cannot forget
Your big bug eyed
Fish lips kiss