By B.K.
Date: 2012 Aug 13
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What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay In Vegas

Meteor Madness

Suddenly I’m thinking
It’s not all about you
I’m stuck in the middle
Of my life rearranged
And there is nothing I can do
Except wait it out
Or bring it home and rub your face in it
So do you like me in this state
Remembering how it was once
Closer to the fire than I’ve ever been
I’m sure you like the honeyed me more
Writing you in doe eyed bliss
Only lately my eyes shoot lightning bolts
Mad as hell daggers
I’m thinking that love is so overrated
Until I start listening to music of love
And that mushy feeling starts trying to sweep over me
Warm and inviting it seeps so sweetly
Into every vein of my head over heels
Mind and body sway
This is when the trap door flaps open
And I am swinging......
Hung by my purple thumbs
Right back into this crazy maze
Of sweetest shaking love salvation
Wise people lay this map of love out flat
Tell me love such a flapping trap
Or am I just love's greatest sap?

Kiss me Baby!