By B.K.
Date: 2012 Aug 16
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A Fool Such As I (The 35th Anniversary of Missing Elvis!)

Fever (What a Lovely Way to Burn)

I guess everyone remembers
Where they were when Elvis died
Are we lonesome tonight
Playing all the love songs
While waiting out the storm
We almost bought a house
That Elvis had slept in
No doubt he is still strolling
That long staircase
Creaking the stairs
Leaning over the balcony
Singing with the Jordanaires
Gives me chills
Thinking about how close we came
To that one
I don’t believe in ghosts
But a spirit that strong never dies
It is love and thrills surrendered
And Darling number one it’s the same
The very same way with you and I

©bkAugust 16,2012

Cheers! Here’s to Elvis Presley... The King of Rock and Roll

I have a picture of Elvis on a horse at Graceland to go with this one but I have to track it down.