By B.K.
Date: 2012 Aug 25
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Resistible Resonance Rivalry


I was speaking to a client today
His voice was deep and resonant
With ever word he spoke
I kept thinking wow
Until I could feel myself
Sinking into the tones
My words became high pitched
I rushed to get him off the phone
I fought the feeling
With all my might
I will not let this happen!!!!!
To no avail
It made me think driving home
That is how people end up
On the streets selling flowers
Shaking tambourines
Or worse
This is shocking to me
So I’m thinking
Who else has ever done that to me
Not Elvis or any singer
Maybe Sir Sean Connery  Paul Newman
A certain president of another country
Which I will not mention
But this was different still
If they could get that mans voice
On commercial swill
He might be able to
Put this world back in sync
Or if he were evil
He could help further its sink
There was only one other voice
That I can recall that could
Make me stand at attention
Remember how to do long division
And whistle Dixie backwards too
But it would give you the big head
If I put a rubber stamp on
That old standard
Baby It’s You!


In These Dog Days of Summer