By B.K.
Date: 2012 Sep 15
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Till Those Ten Naked Twinkle Toes Unwind!

She’s not the miss priss she once was
Thought she might be made out of marshmallow fluff
Found out she was made outta more resilient stuff
Tougher than she ever thought she was
And still she would choose artsy fartsy
Over neat and refined anytime
She has learned to bite her tongue
But she still speaks her mind
Wide eyed and open to the new
Tries not to let too much make her blue
Still just as tender hearted
She loves to cook for her babies
Toss the ball with Einstein
Her flowers and photographs
Are her passion
Music is her magic
Love is her philosophy
As is that man in the moon
That more oft than not
Still crosses her mind
She will still fight for her causes
Stand up to power even if she falls
And when the signs are all in her design
She’s up and ready to dance until dawn or
Till those ten naked twinkle toes unwind