By B.K.
Date: 2012 Sep 20
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Aliens Love and Shingles

It feels like aliens
Jumping ship from your back
Trying to pull your heart out
As they leap to freedom
Hurts like hell
Like your very first lost love attack
And just when you think
You might get a reprieve
They come leaping back in
Then horrors..
When night time comes
They trounce your last nerve
And move back out again
Leaving you jumping
Out of your ever loving skin
So you are knitting titanium underwear
Building a alien love safe place
To make sure they can never get back in
Aliens love and shingles
Mingling tingling shing-a-ling
Bota bing a ling
You’ll swear to every weird god you know
Play let’s make a deal with any shaman
That they will never get to you again

©bk Septembering of 2012