By B.K.
Date: 2013 Jan 20
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Mad ~ Love

This slightly dyslexic
Left swinging southpaw will take
This SMASHVILLE rush shot
Even if it lands like
Marshmallow creme mush
Has loved you like no other
Taken chances above and beyond  
Landed in more lover crap piles
Than she would had she
Not been in the wrong
Place at the right time
Pure madness as Alice
Through the loveblender
Along times net bomb
It is a minefield this puzzle
In that universal subject of love
A subterfuge synthesized
You see it’s not the Genghis
That is worrisome 
It’s that damned Khan
The question is
Is it love for the sake of love
Or was it drowned long ago
In some deep muddy pond
Either way the damage is major
Poor Love has been pronged
So in fifty shades of madness
My Dear Mr Bond
Do tell us this instance
Which heart is french fried

Which heart is forward fond.