By B.K.
Date: 2013 Feb 17
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Flash Bam Shit Rash

Never turn your back on the sky
While your lover holds a glock
Or there is a  meteor just waiting
To spit glass in your eyes
There are endless unimaginable
Possibilities you will only want
Stephen King to describe
Like assault by an asteroid
Or a meteor hanging out of your mind
Go practice your punctuation
Check out a Rembrandt
Write a letter to the Prez
Remember only a cat has nine lives
But you will be more clever
If you recite this thrice please try
Never turn your back
On your lover or the sky
It was all once so innocent
An easy magazine to subscribe
Hold on to your sanity
Your pocketbook and your pride
Tell your lover to learn some self control
Check the license on that merry go round
Tell your faceless dreams to
Go find another drive by
Keep pretending that life is precarious pink.. Prada
And vanilla ice cream on pecan pie
Just for God sake turn this into your battle cry
Never turn your back on your lover or the sky