By B.K.
Date: 2013 May 29
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Kisses of Yore

I thought of you today
It was the last I ever heard from you
While I was packing to move to the new house
He was standing there watching me
As you said hello into my ear
You told me that there was something wrong
And I was not concerned enough to even say “what?”
She does not kiss the way that you did
She doesn’t even like kissing the way that you do.
I thought maybe you’d been drinking
All I could say was “that’s too bad!”
And now as I think back
You know you always think
Of all the great things to say eons later
So why do I need to hear this
I now have another life
With the guy that owns a lip gloss factory
But it was better to go quietly
All you said in the end was
Honey you were that angel
The one in the song flying too close
I politely hung up before you could finish
And kissed the man that stood your ground
You know even today
It’s the kissing conversation I remember most
It still keeps me in bright smiles... puckering proud

May 29, 2013