By B.K.
Date: 2013 Jul 23
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Doing It In The Road

Lately my dreams have been
Like surrealistic paintings
A man in a suit
Jumping out of his mouth
A smaller suited version of himself
A fish jumping out of the little man’s mouth
All diving into a pool
Where a woman in a whirlpool
Is Drowning
As another woman just like her
Holding her hands to her face
Looks down on the entire scene
I get up and ponder the colors
And what I shall call the painting
And the painter of such a scene
Did I see it in a gallery
I shall cry if you tell me someone
Already painted it before me
Then I wonder what Jung would have said
Fuck Freud  
And I look out the window
The rabbits are doing it in the road
Thumping and bumping
There are two rabbits on every lawn
All doing it in unison to that Beatles song
I’m telling you my mind is scribbling
Like that time I once took chocolate mescaline
I  wonder where all the coyotes are
Then I remember you
I saw you this morning
In a vaporous form asleep in your bed
I must have been visiting
Time traveling between dream outtakes of
My latest grouping of strange foods
You were squiggles on a surrealistic slab
Laying there and I was a squiggle vapor
I reached for you and the sparks
From the volcanic orgasmic ocean tsunami
Made me jump right out of my sleep
What a wild wallop of whipped cream dream
I’m telling you
I need to be a painter instead of a poet
I’ll look at paint brushes today
You can be my muse
Think of all the shades
Of macho pink I can put you in
You will love it


July 22,2013