By B.K.
Date: 2013 Aug 07
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Pretty In Pink

 You and I
 Were meant
To tangle webs
 Minds and sheets
Shuffle our toes
And your knuckles
Over Paris cobbled streets
Moan and groan over Mona
Give her this and that persona
Play singing in the rain
Drink hot lemonade
While we snuggle snoodle
Slurp and suck noodles

We were meant to

Each others notions
Potions lotions
 Neurotic emotions
While riding bareback naked
On fine fast painted horses
Bear witness to wine wind and roses
Water the garden with long soaker hoses

Meant to

Bravely lay out
All the bones buried
At each others feet
While whistling crying
Gnawing bloody red meat
Brave death and destruction
Without any convulsions
Argue over whose space is whose
And who has too many shoes

Baby we it seems
 Were meant to be
As humanly
 In and out of love
As any two people
In this crazy day and age

Could possibly be