By B.K.
Date: 2014 Feb 04
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Smiling Faces Sometimes Don't Tell The Truth

Sir I’m a mush head for love
Play me a love song
Put me in a sunrise
Sunset or moon shine
My senses all spark high
Octane emotional response
It has written the poetry
Got me through
Main frames
Took me to the top
Only to drop me
Quite luckily
My head still on top
But split in the notion
Of stupidity versus chemistry
Doped either way
What else can I say
That now your mission
You need to convince
The beanie on top
Of any intentions
Bullshit or convictions
My trust is half a gallon low
Love obviously a dip stick
To keep your engine running
In this game of LIFE'S
Scientific smirking self control
I will admit
Stephen King cold not have
Plotted it any better
So please advise me now
What is your equation of love
In poems or letter