By B.K.
Date: 2014 Mar 24
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poetry is an echo
asking a shadow to dance

Carl Sandburg

your naked body
should belong
only to those
who fall in love
with your naked soul

Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter Geraldine

the smell of her hair, the
taste of her mouth, the
feeling of her skin seemed to
have gotten inside him.
or into the air all around him.
she had become a physical necessity.

George Orwell 1984

a poet is someone who can
pour light into a cup
then raise it to nourish
your beautiful , parched
holy mouth


she was
fascinated whith words
To her, words were
things of beauty, each
like a magical powder
or potion that could be
combined with other
words to create
powerful spells

Dean Koontz

bk (I love quotes)