By B.K.
Date: 2015 Apr 01
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The April Fool

I've lived long enough to be-think

I'll always be a sucker for incredible love songs
For that holiday sumptuous dessert (Carrot Cake!)
The one that cries at movies
The one that loves a sunrise and sunset
And always has her camera to catch
Just one more drop of glow
On a flower petal or bird flying
Or the moon in the dark night sky
That perfect full moon drool
The one still puckering up
Waiting tip top the Eiffel Tower
For that perfect kiss
The one that gushes over babies
That fool in love
That still rushes in
That won't give up
No matter where or when
Except in cases of other women
Knives guns drugs or volcanic eruption
In another joyous Spring
Tis time to be
The worlds April Fool again.


April 1, 2015