By B.K.
Date: 2015 Jun 20
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Deer Crossing

Critters know my gentleness my kindness
I throw on the high beams turn up the rock and roll down the windows
They still cross the road right in front of me
They bring the entire family to see the woman that is sensitive
That will honor their presence
You were the one that looked out for me
That honored my presence
I was the dear in your headlights
I knew you had my back
I wondered who had yours
Your games were far beyond my grasp
All I could do was watch and wait
Hoping you too could keep crossing that road
That there was a wild woman in a tall jeep renegade
With the beams on high and Beethovens 5th blasting hard
Who tried in her own way to protect you too
If and when I get to confront you on the other side of where ever
I will either just cry
Or punch your nose in
This time I get to choose


June 20, 2015