By B.K.
Date: 2015 Jul 01
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Currey Road Sunday

I went to an open house
It was small and inviting
The magnolia tree in the front yard
Spoke volumes and the tallest oak
Rattled on more than his share
They both told me
There was a lot of love there
It was a big yard
With room for a garden
And a small house out back
An artist studio or apt for an elder
A great patio and room for two cars
A nice dining room three bedrooms a bath and one half
A house from the 30's brick and all redone
In todays latest fashion leaving a charm of the past
I could see you both there
Mowing the grass and making food
Feeding each other olives and grapes
Laughing and finishing each others sentences
Kissing and making goo goo eyes at one another
Even after all the years together
I smile knowing that it's all still there
The oak and magnolia saw it too
They told me on Sunday they thrive on love
And they both were rooting
For the two of you

©bk Goodbye June twenty fifteen