By B.K.
Date: 2015 Jul 11
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The most painful thing is losing yourself
In the process of loving someone too much
Forgetting that you are special too

Ernest Hemingway

I loved you too much
Tried too hard to impress you
You took it for granted
Bumped me like it was nothing
Then out of the blue
You suddenly figured out
It was not just you
It is something you will not let go of
How can I miss you if you won't go away
Famous words of a song I wish I had written
So true so you
Now that it is still you that I write about
I am worried that my mind is lost
To the non illusion I created
Neither of us will ever measure up to it
Even more reason to stop stubbing my toe
Kick it back to my great imagination
To keep writing just as I please
Screw you
(But then you would like that too much)
And what would I have for aggravation

©bk eleventh of July twenty fifteen