By B.K.
Date: 2015 Aug 30
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You Would Have Approved

The moon was full The time was ideal A birthday celebration With star appeal A space theme adventure With a Star Wars tincture Oh would have approved The people dressed up All sparkly for view It was held in a fantastic video studio Stunning wonder you would have approved A genius of brilliant mind lightning Programmable dimming and brightening With lots of DJs to make your body move Optimal mind cartwheel video trance Then bring on the comics for laughter and abuse Italian pie beer wine Sweets veggies and dip To fit your operatic lips waist and hips A quick dress up photo booth With space for a Queenly Tierra glance Or you could be a top hat Viking If you should so choose Lots of room to move shake and dance Life idyllic sweet romance Wish you were here for this meet It was such a temperature treat So cool no heat Honey Pie you would have approved My Sons long time friends Some I have known since their teens He adds old and new Lots of in betweens A cousin that plays washboard Brought in the band To bring an Iowan brew They partied till morn I grew tired and so torn I stayed till my camera batteries blew I could not keep up with this crew They wore me flat out I had to bid them adieu But I wish you could have witnessed All the fun and love in those rooms A full moon birthday party of wonder Happy Birthday you two! Man Oh Man...You Truly Would Have Approved (I am all partied out and you guys are getting ready to Party and DJ at Atlanta Comic Con this next week end!) Party-On bk August twenty ninth twenty fifteen