By B.K.
Date: 2016 Jan 22
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Snowed In Zen

I love opera
The glorious music
Soaring voices
That reach into your soul
Pulling out your tonsils
Wishing you could hit those notes
If you listen too closely
They remind you of something
In your life that happened 
Making you want to cry
Always there is a broken heart
Lots of people die
In gut wrenching emotional
Super painful scenes
That cannot be denied
We all want to be there
See them again and again
Something about how life
Is on a continuous loop
Pressed against your breastbone
Just listen to that transcendence
Feeling like Zen
This is what happens on days
When you hit play on purpose
Or... sniff
You are looking out at snow and ice
Completely snowed in


The twenty second of January twenty sixteen