By B.K.
Date: 2016 Jan 24
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Eight Inches of Frozen Snit

Watching my cul-de-sac
Overcome the obstacles
Of snow and ice
Up and down the hill
Some just sit and spin
In a snit
Never getting the hang of it
Others back up the whole way
They probably rear end
In a rush not to get caught
Doing their prickly business
The Wham Bam kind
Can not do it any other way
Some go round in circles
Tasmanian Devils
Finally not to chase their tail
Crunching ice and snow
Off they go
Some wait for the ice to melt
So as not to slide into
Foreign metal objects that bend
You know what I am saying
So do not pretend
Me I just sit and watch it all
Solemnly wondering
How the heck
Did i ever get into this mess
So maybe tomorrow
I will just get a ship
Torpedo them all
And float out over the top
Of all of this

Eight inches of frozen snit


twenty fourth of january twenty sixteen