By B.K.
Date: 2016 Mar 09
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Thursday's Child Has Far To Go

Checking in
One of my favorite breakfast sites
He smiles at me when I walk up
Tall with a voice that
Reaches deep into my socks
Pulling my toes one by one
Making me giggle
While he tickles me senseless
The hostess comes back
Table for two she asks
He smiles down then says
We have only just met
I blush deep crimson
As we both say simultaneously
Table for one
Like an episode of Seinfeld
I watch as she leads him
Past the roaring fireplace
Thinking... My Oh My
But then I get it
Right between the eyes
It is his hat
With just one word
Written at the back of his
Big dolt head
How could I ever have missed it
Good Lord Almighty
When she comes back
I instructed her to take me
To the opposite side of that restaurant
I sit down grimacing
At how indeed
I need to watch that blind spot
Put a cork into that genie bottle
Of my bad taste in men


Thursday the third of March twenty sixteen