By B.K.
Date: 2016 Apr 02
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With Love To Music City Tom

I saw him this morning
In sunlit stripes
With all his degrees
Standing proudly
Waiting for the world to salute him
He was grand I must admit
I had never seen anything like him before
A really big one too
Strutting his edge of the big city stuff
He was waiting for them all
To come to him
Begging for his service
He was a handsome stud
I wanted to stop and take his picture
But I was scared I would scare off
His admirers
And he was dressed to kill
In his element in his prime
I was just glad it was not November
He was a such a Wild Turkey
To just fit the holiday bill
In a state full of gun nuts
All smiling feather frilled
I hope his spring wishes were fulfilled
And he survives to make his getaway
Oh I pray Dearest Tom in all his glory
Making magnificent music..
Is strutting with the gang telling his stories


April second twenty sixteen