By B.K.
Date: 2016 Apr 07
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She was an intoxicating collection of poems roses and stardust.

N.R. Hart

People change for two main reasons:
Either their minds have been opened
Or their hearts have been broken

Steven Aitchison

I am not the same soul I once was
A lot has changed
A lot had to change
So you should not expect out of me
What I embodied in the past
For that part of me no longer exists


Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons
For you are crunchy
And good with ketchup

In this world there are only two tragedies
Not getting what you want
And the other is getting it

Oscar Wilde

Show me a hero
and I will write you a tragedy

F.Scott Fitzgerald

I do not think I am easy to define
I have a wandering mind
And I am not anything
That you think I am

Syd Hoff