By B.K.
Date: 2016 Apr 20
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Jaw Cracking Facts

I've been thinking about
Love and Romance a lot lately
It is as old as snot
Rocks and probably
Jumped out of a fire
Someplace in Africa
Or maybe the Middle East
Eons ago
We all have it
Or keep looking for it
Still some wait
Till it sticks that apple right
In front of our face and says
Hi it's me have a bite
When they do this you should
Put your hand on their forehead
Perhaps try and hold them back
Just a little while
Until they stop singing at you
Gives you time to catch your breath
While you get a DNA swab to see
If they are indeed part Neanderthal
And or in which evolutionary
Cycle they might be stuck
Till then
Just keep on thinking
Love and Romance
Love and Romance


April twenty twenty sixteen