By B.K.
Date: 2016 Apr 27
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Lapis On A Trapise

Gemstones are eternal passion

Forever befitting royal fashion

Diamonds make you sway

The passion of emeralds will not go away

Rubies are better than Tuesdays

Sapphire a natural state

Turquoise can cause time delay

Opals set fire to the day

Lapis on a trapise

Simple moonstones are soothing

Peculiar about who they turn blue for

Like they hold their breath

Until they find that someone

Worth letting their energy flow towards

Picky not prickly

They tell your fortune without meaning to

The question is Honcho

Are you rockable

Huggable kissable or despicable

Tis an earth enertgy not up to you

Are you dull as a thud or Baby

In this age one does not need heart stoppable

Just keep it sparkly

Moonstone blue heart rockable


The Twenty Seventh of April Twenty Sixteen