By B.K.
Date: 2016 Jun 22
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Tasmanian Tango

I remember your temper
You would get so mad
You would twirl
Like the Tasmanian devil
That was on the sweatshirt
I found for you
You loved Looney Tunes
As mad as you would get
It was hardly ever at me
If you were mad at me
You would walk around the block
Then come back and say
Shall we go out to dinner
Lets us go find a Corgi puppy
Would you like to go to London with me
It never failed
So now when I look back
At all the pictures
I realize you were the loved
I was the beloved
Heavens above
Should you get the choice
In this crazy life
Be the beloved
The stock is great
The dividends insightful
No one can stay mad at you
There are lots of trips and presents
Critters to love
And dinner out is delightful


the twenty second of june twenty sixteen