By B.K.
Date: 2016 Jun 30
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Big Sloppy Kisses and Other Perilous Lies

When did love take a dive
Into that deep dark abyss
Or does it dip and dive
At any given point in time
As we are all just the poor
Lost poets that keep trying to revive it
Keep yearning to unlock that door
Only to have to re-lock and load
It with land mines menacing
Grimaces landsharks and loaded
Bombs of the backatcha
Bullshit that is trying to lure you
Into that same euphoric doped
Shot and or poisoned drink
You are drowned in
Once Upon A Time
In a land not as far away
With flying arrows dragons
And swords that flop in the wind
Do tell us Jon Jaehaerys Targaryen Snow
When will it ever be safe
To come out and try to love again


goodbye july twenty sixteen