By B.K.
Date: 2016 Jul 16
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The Corner Diary

I was trying to remember
the first time we met
You came knocking at my door
saying you had locked yourself out
I was there with another new friend
who climbed up the side of the building
and into your third floor window
You called him spideyman
Spidey for short henceforth
both of you characters out of books
that i had never read
You with that Detroit accent of yours
cute and more dangerous
Than I could ever conceive
In my state of naivety
You were fascinating and exhausting
Staying up all night
And sleeping days
It was the business you were in
which i could never figure out
until the day i showed up at your place
and you had a closet filled
with bricks of pot taller than both of us
That corner we lived on
was full of danger magic and wonder
But it was the early 70s and instead of
being scared out of my wits
It was somehow just another adventure
That we all live through to tell


the seventh of july twenty sixteen