By Kenneth Fearing
Submitted by Echolocation
Date: 2016 Jul 30
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Dance of the Mirrors

you at night and you in the sun
you, farther than the pylons that walk, charged with
light, across the fields of wheat and vanish
through the hills
you, invincible to change, and vulnerable to every wind
that breathes upon these singing wires
you, and the clouds above the wires, and the sky above
the hills

Yes, you
everywhere you, driving, laughing, arranging the day,
efficient at the desk and brisk across the phone
telegrams and you, cocktails and you
you and the image in the glass, and the knock at the
door, then the second image, and the embrace,
the kiss

you, yes
you beneath the sculptured slab and raised mound, lost
with the echo of Handel among cathedral

You, you
and all of the things that the world ignores, all of the
things that the world has forgotten, all that the
world will never know
you and the glow-worm, you and the rainbow, you and
the desert mirage and the Northern Lights
you, the footstep, you, the drumbeat, you, the firedance,
you, the whirlwind, you, the trigger, the bullet,
the heart, and the shield.