By rebelray
Date: 2016 Aug 12
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Life's Dream

Dawn's light... Nature's call to awaken
Morning is life as daybreak rises
The dreams from last night are real
As are the dreams for this day

Eyes closed, the mind is free to roam
Structure is lost, no limits with no control
Euphoria and dysphoria at ease taking turns
Subconsciously fed by the Soul
Grasping at the inner desires and demons
That the Conscious will then rationalize

Eyes open, the world is framed
Endowing dreams with structure
Schedules and expectations are realistic
Look to what's next, thankful for what was
Never losing sight of the importance
Of how personal happiness is defined

We are always in our dreams
Our influence is always felt
Heart and mind are never absent, and
When the path of integrity is chosen
The Dream of Life is peaceful

RF  08/01/16 12:41am