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For Them Please (by rebelray) 2016 Oct 27
         For the children.
Standard Bearer (by rebelray) 2016 Oct 23
         You'll always be the one...
Next Time, I'll Call (by rebelray) 2016 Oct 18
         When I look up, it's you I see...
Frailty (by rebelray) 2016 Oct 11
         How is it that Love makes anyone stronger?
The War of Limerence (by rebelray) 2016 Oct 09
         Because your smile alone is Casus Belli...
Extroversial (by rebelray) 2016 Oct 02
On A Sultry Day (by rebelray) 2016 Sep 28
         Warm all over...
Time Will Tell (by rebelray) 2016 Sep 26
         It's Berlioz' fault...
Light (by rebelray) 2016 Sep 07
         For Teya
Life's Dream (by rebelray) 2016 Aug 12
         Daydreaming, or...?
Eyes Wide Open (by rebelray) 2016 May 31
         DeVine poetry...
Don't Ask (by rebelray) 2016 May 08
         To my friends... and family...
Just Be You (by rebelray) 2016 Feb 15
         Always deserving
Mother & Daughter (by rebelray) 2016 Jan 30
         Family love can be like no other
Awakening (by rebelray) 2016 Jan 28
         Dreaming of the past
Infidelity (by rebelray) 2016 Jan 20
         I can't help you
Giving (by rebelray) 2016 Jan 10
         ...while hoping for another chapter :)
What Has Changed? (by rebelray) 2016 Jan 08
         Keeping the door closed...
Where'd You Go? (by rebelray) 2015 Dec 07
         Nothing else matters
Thankful (by rebelray) 2015 Dec 01
         Something I started days ago
Realistic Goals (by rebelray) 2015 Dec 01
         Something I started months ago
Don't (by rebelray) 2015 Nov 30
         A time of struggle
EVERYTHING is still true (by rebelray) 2015 Nov 30
         Still the one
Muse (by rebelray) 2015 Nov 21
         Still influencing from afar
DeVine (by rebelray) 2015 Nov 13
         A gift for the girl that is weird about getting them
2:47am (by rebelray) 2015 Oct 04
Looking Forward (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 31
         Mutual admiration
Mindful (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 27
         Working together
Is It 5pm Yet? (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 26
         Mornings are longer..but still not long enough...
#WTW (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 23
         Always more when it comes to you
Time Apart (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 23
         Can't wait to see you again
Everytime (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 21
         Its a given for me
In The Dark (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 20
         Never alone
Nourishing (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 20
         Trying to hold it in
Grounded (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 19
         The past has brought you to me
Train Ride (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 18
         Favorite Moments
Monday (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 17
         Lessons Learned
The Colors of Our Love (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 16
         Never in Darkness
4:04am (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 13
         Overcoming fears
Still (by rebelray) 2015 Mar 12
         Getting to know you

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