By rebelray
Date: 2016 Sep 28
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On A Sultry Day

Clouds suspended above,
The heat cannot escape.
Beads of sweat darken red spots,
Which cling to my chest and shoulders.
The balmy moisture is unbearable.
I measure the time it will take
To enjoy the spoils of central air.
But my anticipation only makes the trek
Seem slow and infinite.

Staring down at the sidewalk,
A breeze softly sways my month-old beard.
Tickling my cheeks, I am lost in thought.
Last night, your hands reached for my face,
Bringing our mouths together for the first time.
The scent of jasmine drifts from a nearby garden
Invigorated by the day's warmth?
More likely, by the memory of your perfume
That lingered on the pillows this morning.

Then a drop. And two more.
The sprinkles never threaten, merely tease.
A metaphor for the night we met.
And a reminder of your new presence in my life.
The journey home is now less dreary.
I no longer look to elude the dampness.
More so, I desire to be mugged by your love.

RF 09/28/16 6:51pm