By rebelray
Date: 2016 Oct 11
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A subtle glance from smiling eyes,
Soft lips that whisper to be kissed.
A delicate type of sexiness.
Tiny salvos of passion,
Sending shivers of excitement
From the ends of unsteady legs.
Up my spine, over tensed shoulders,
Straight to my heart.

Your radiance always seizes me.
I have no strategy, simple or complex
To match what your appeal arouses.
But it isn't colorful roses, or arching eyebrows,
Not the red highlights, or scent of sensual nude
That has me surrendering.

It is your optimism to Believe,
To reject the materialistic,
And define happiness on your terms.
Those are the words that cradle my soul.
Those are the lyrics of my favorite song.
Beauty transformed into expression.
Where fascination overpowers
With intellect that inspires
My weakness is that I will always love you.

RF 10/11/2016 3:01am