By rebelray
Date: 2016 Oct 18
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Next Time, I'll Call

I texted you, half-asleep, fumbling in the dark;
Sensing you wouldn't see my message until much later.
But no matter.
Oh, how much I wanted you to know.

Early Monday, a constant strumming became my alarm clock.
I opened my eyes to a composition of soothing calmness.
And like most music, the source of its beauty
Could only be caressed within my soul.

This morning's symphony (as those before) brought a smile.
Its steady rhythm, both familiar and welcome,
Evoked the full emotional specter
Of the rapture I inherit from your spirit.

Initially, an adagio, steady and constant.
Wrapping its way around my body
As if a hand was reaching out, touching my shoulder.
Symbolic of the tenderness and humanity,
Of empathy for what I have experienced.

Then, a leisure crescendo, gusting upward, and back down.
Like the fluctuating cadence of wisdom and love.
Assuaging fear and doubt,
Assuring that benevolence and sympathy
Await us soon after this song's eventual end.

Impromptu beats begin pounding down.
A stormy allegro of protective determination.
Alluring, invigorating, motivating.
We face the torrents, and know our survival
Can weather through the deluge of inner struggles.

Finally, the gradual exit of the coda
Softly harmonizes, befitting the serenity of nature.
The drenching performance dissipates,
Emanating a prism of colors that emerge
As an arc of dreams to behold in the breaking light.

Two hours later... your response...
"Rain?"...followed by...
"And why are you up at 4:30."
The simple reply I sent was, "It called to me."
But truly, I wanted you to know
That you will always be
The rainbow I see above me.

RF 10/17/16 9:07pm