By B.K.
Date: 2016 Nov 19
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Wild Turkey Protest

The reds are romantic
Golds grace the ground pedantic
The leaves in sleeves
Leave us all to conceive
That the Nashville Turkey Clan
Crossing the road in grand marching bands
Are definitely there
To make you stare
Eat beef instead they tease
We will all be so relieved
We will stop holding up your traffic
If you pardon us all from your hatchets
Our cause devine
Makes us all opine
Leave Turkeys alone PLEASE
In this we truly believe
Put some love in your heart our decree
This glorious fall Thanksgiving proceed
God speed leave us in peace
To make love not war and increase
Our slurp chicken n dumplings decree
Washed down with good ole Tennessee Moonshine Tea!


the nineteenth of november twenty sixteen

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!