By B.K.
Date: 2017 Apr 01
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Wild Sky

You are programmed
Like a robot
You lost real
Eons ago
Funny how I saw
Right into your sensitivity
That person you once were
The one you now disown
The ruthless one prevails
Like the dirty old men
Trying to turn this country back
Into a supremacist world
And now
You try and program me
Native American Blood
Does not take orders
Nor does my Celtic heritage
It is a double whammy of NEVER!
Programmed into my circuitry
To fight might makes right negativity
I have space for all the critters of this world
And Water is life specifically
You are that cyborg trying to take over
But Darlin
I am that wild sky
Demanding to be free
Our differences are universal
Yet we can agree we tried
You the Big Bad Cyborg
And me your Wild Sky


the first of april twenty seventeen

Happy April Fools Day!